Den Nye CR-C Series Fra 
Rokae med 5 Axis

Tag et kig på de nye revolutionerende 5-akse samarbejdsrobotter fra Rokae CR-C Serien. Nye anvendelsesmuligheder, højere sikkerhed, mere overkommelige.

Controlleren i basen af CR-serien er flyttet ud af kroppen for at danne et uafhængigt kontrolskab med IP54 beskyttelsesniveau. Dette reducerer installationsstørrelsen på basen og forbedrer beskyttelsesniveauet for kroppen til IP67. Med CR-C Serien kan du tilpasse dig til mere strenge anvendelsesscenarier.

Stadig lige så nem at bruge, fleksibel og endnu mere sikker. Alle de egenskaber, du har brug for i din samarbejdsrobot.

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Durable Light-weight Industrial Robots

ZTEC offers a diverse selection of industrial robots for various applications such as Handling, Palletizing, Clean Room, and Welding. Our robots are designed to meet the needs of different industries, including Food and Pharma. We also have Quick Scara robots for high-speed production lines, ensuring efficiency and productivity. Whether you need a robot for light tasks or heavy-duty work, our Nachi robots ranging from 1kg to 1000kg are up for the challenge, always ready to lend a helping hand.

Our Nachi robots can be installed in various configurations, whether it's on the floor, tilted, inverted, or sideways, depending on your specific requirements.

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Stay on track with Machine Vision

The strong Machine Vision from Hikrobot is a solid solution for automation applications may it be together with a robot or on its own.

With the Hikrobot embedded hardware technology and underlying algorithm software which is always improving, you can achieve astonishing results with multidimensional perception, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud Computing. All with Hikrobot.

Do you need strong machine vision for your project? Let's see if we can match your exact need.

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Keep your Logistics smoothly running with Mobile Robots!

Let your warehouse shine with your own army of mobile robots to assist in keeping your logistics under control. Hikrobot provides customers with safe and reliable intelligent mobile robot products and systems, and build smart internal logistics solutions in industrial factories.

Autonomouos movement of your boxes, pallets, cartons and much mobile robots  create a safer working environment for your employees and more cost-effective productivity in your own intelligent warehouse.

You can learn more about the diffirent types of mobile robots you can order right here!

Autonomous Mobile Rob​​​​o​​​​ts

Latent Mobile Robot from Hikrobot. Used to  drive under boxes ect. and lift them up from the floor.
Carton Transfer Unit from Hikrobot
Forklift Mobile Robot from Hikrobot



Now Is The Time To Consider Collaborative Robots!

Collaborative robots are coming to stay and are only becoming both more safe and prevalent in the nordic industry. The technology to allow both safe measurements and high payloads is well developed to the 25 kg mark, and is only rising. As the distributor of the intelligent collaborative Xmate Robots from Rokae, we are passionate about our cobots taking care of your application. From the small need of 3 kg to a payload of 25 kg. Collaborate with your employees, let the robot do the tedious or heavy part.

Cobots kan være det helt rigtige valg for din virksomhed. Læs mere herunder, hvordan en kollarobativ robot kan styrke din produktion og understøtte dine medarbejdere i deres arbejde.

Clean Room Cobots

NACHI "Robot"

Nachi is a Japanese company known for its industrial 
robots, machining tools and systems, and machine 
components. Applicable in a wide range of 
weights and task types. NACHI is the primary 
robot supplier to Toyota.

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ROKAE "Cobot"

The new flexible collaborative robots in the xMate 
CR series are based on our own developed xCore, 
a new internally developed high-
performance control system for cobots. 

Improved motion performance, torque 
control, safety, user-friendliness, and reliability.

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Nachi MZ01 with Hollow Wrist
CR7 Rokae Collaborative Robots

HIKROBOT "Mobile Robot"

HIKROBOT's mobile robots are cutting-edge in automated  mobility, using advanced navigation and sensor tech for  precise autonomous driving. Customizable for various 
industrial tasks, they offer flexible solutions with a focus  
on safety and collaboration, revolutionizing automation 
in production and logistics.

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HIKROBOT "Machine Vision"

HIKROBOT offers a wide range of machine vision solutions with over 900 hardware models and 70+ software algorithms. Our technology boosts 
accuracy and efficiency for businesses worldwide. 
From industrial cameras to smart cameras and 
3D cameras, HIKROBOT is shaping the 
future of machine vision.

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SensoPart "2D Vision Sensor"

Looking for precision work with repetitive tasks? Dive into the world of Sensopart Vision! Check out our amazing product range from SENSOPART, including heat and sound sensors, as well as optical sensors. Let's make your production 
process a breeze!​

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Mech-Mind "3D Vision"

Mech-Mind har udviklet en komplet produktportefølje, herunder Mech-Eye industrielle 3D-kameraer, Mech-Vision machine vision software, Mech-DLK deep learning software, Mech-Viz robot programming software osv. 

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Sensopart Visor Vision Sensor

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