3D Camera 

3D Camera from Hikrobot creates the change in your production line-up needed to support fast and accurate measurement. Wide dynamic image processing algorithms, dynamic detection range, strong robustness ability makes the Line Laser 3D Camera a perfect choice for you. The RGB-D Smart Camera with it's binocular stereo imaging technology, and in conjunction with color camera makes it a solid candidate for RGB-D imaging at high framerates.​

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Line Laser 3D Camera

Built-in high accuracy measurement algorithm and wider dynamic image processing algorithm, 3D cameras can output objects’ size information in logistics and warehousing applications, a wider dynamic detection range, and stronger robustness ability.

Hikrobot Line Laser 3D Camera
Line Laser 3D Camera real-time point cloud

Output real-time point cloud data in high-precision

The camera has a high-power laser module with a wider dynamic range, can output high-precision real-time point cloud data map, meantime accurately identify and measure the size of black packages by the built-in high-precision measurement algorithm.

High-speed scanning with 3m/s speed max

Providing 600Hz@1m³ scanning frame rate and 3m/s scanning speed, the camera can realize high-speed and dynamic volume measurement of logistics packages under the detection accuracy of 5mm.

Hikrobot High-speed scanning

RGB-D Smart Camera

By virtue of active binocular stereo imaging technology and in conjunction with color cameras, it can output RGB-D images at high frame rate. With the built-in algorithms and the hard-core deep learning, multiple tasks can be completed within the camera. It can be used as the vision core for applications such as single system, robotic parcel-feeding system, and depalletizing & palletizing system .

Hikrobot RGB-D Smart Camera
RGB-D Smart Camera one-click calibration

One-click calibration and user-friendly deployment

The internal parameters of the camera have been calibrated in factory, and only the number to be deployed needs to be adjusted according to the FOV on site. Then, the system calibration can be completed with one click, which is user-friendly and fast. Besides, the camera has a wide FOV, therefore, compared with the conventional solution, the number of cameras needed is less, the system is simpler and the cost is lower.

One device with image and data integrated

By virtue of the excellent hardware platform and state-of-the-art image processing technology, the camera can simultaneously output high-quality RGB images and depth images at high speed. Moreover, through the built-in deep learning algorithm, the camera is capable of directly outputting calculation results, which can help users save expensive IPC setups in many application scenarios. 

RGB-D Smart Camera image and data integration

RBG-D Series product models

Product Model Clearance distance (CD) Measurement range (MR) Data interface Certification
MV-DB500S-S 500 mm 1500 mm GigE KC
MV-DB500S-R 500 mm (19.7") 1500 mm (59.1") GigE CE, RoHS

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