Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic sensors are a strong alternative when optical sensors reach their limitations. This is the case, for example, for objects with uneven surfaces or in harsh lighting environments, or with very transparent media, as well as with reflective liquid surfaces in motion.

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Ultrasonic Sensors by Sensopart

Sensopart Ultrasonic sensors are typically used to determine the presence of transparent film and for measuring the fill level in liquid containers. A huge advantage of ultrasonic sensing is its absolute reliable suppression of background noise, which enables precise measurements.

These types of ultrasonic sensors operate based on echo. An ultrasonic pulse emitted by the sensor is reflected back when it encounters an object. The sensor measures the distance between the sensor and the object by timing the emission and reception of the signal. Depending on the amplifier, the distance measurement is converted into current or voltage signals proportional to the distance, or by activating a switching output, depending on the set switching point.

Typical of Sensopart ultrasonic sensing:

  • Reliable detection of objects with challenging surfaces and strong transparency. 
  • Options in both cubic (32 x 20 x 12 mm) and cylindrical (M12/M18/M30) enclosures. 
  • Easy adjustments through teach-in, control input, and display. PNP, NPN, or analog output options. 
  • Close-fitting metal or plastic enclosures (IP67 & IP65). Wide variety in setup accessories.

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