Visor Allround

VISOR® Allround is the latest addition to the VISOR® Family and is a true multitasker. In the new Allround version, the device combines the functions of the Object Sensor (calibration, pattern matching, contours, caliper, BLOB) with the powerful tools of the Code Reader (barcodes, datamatrix, and Optical Character Recognition). For example, this means that multiple datamatrix codes can be read in component positioning or when parts on the assembly line need to be handled. With a resolution of up to 5 megapixels, even the smallest details can be reliably captured and evaluated. 

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Visor Allround

VISOR® Allround is available in both monochrome and color versions with up to 5 megapixels. Additional detectors are therefore available for color evaluation. Even the smallest shading nuances can be measured reliably. 

The relevant object colors, for example, can be easily learned through the push of a button or - thanks to the intuitive color histogram - graphically placed for each channel in the color range. Authorized color tolerances can be defined by the user.

Vision Sensor Visor Allround

Sensopart Visor Series

The Detector's Characteristics Depend On The Application.

Color detection and object identification in one single device.

Can also be used as a solution in robot applications.

Visor® Allround Technical Highlights

  • All VISOR® Object and VISOR® Code Reader detectors united in one device.

  • The Multishot function reveals minimal height differences and retains marking pressure.

  • Calibration function for measuring tasks and robot applications.

Sensopart Visor Allround

VISOR® Vision Sensor Setup - step by step

Learn how to install the VISOR® hardware, download and install pc software for VISOR®. Including a quick walkthrough the VISOR® pc software


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