SC6000 Series

High Resolution Smart Camera

The Hikrobot 2D Smart Camera series is built to bring choices for intelligent 

SC6000 series smart cameras are developed based on high-performance 
embedded processors, with powerful hardware performance and fully 
functional VM Algorithm Development Platform. They can meet machine 
vision applications such as visual positioning, size measurement, defect 
detection, and information recognition. The highly integrated product 
form brings more choices for intelligent manufacturing.

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Smart Camera SC6000

The SC6000 Series AI smart camera represents a cutting-edge solution developed on a high-performance embedded platform, showcasing robust AI capabilities. Featuring a comprehensive suite of 140+ algorithm functions within its built-in VM algorithm software, this camera is ideal for precise positioning, measurement, identification, and detection across diverse industries.

It stands out as the optimal choice for single-camera vision systems.

Hikrobot SC Series SC6000

Dynamic interfaces, Breaking through limitations

While ensuring optimal hardware integration, the SC6000 offers support for a variety of accessories such as C-mount lenses, external light sources, and displays, enhancing the flexibility and adaptability of AI smart cameras in handling complex scenarios. 

Users have the freedom to select and combine accessories based on specific scene requirements, thus overcoming the limitations typically associated with smart camera applications.

SC6000 Smart Camera dynamic interface and accessories
All 140 visual tools and 30 communication protocols supported by the SC6000 Smart Camera

Advanced algorithms and User-friendly interface

The SC6000 AI smart camera is equipped with a wide array of over 140 visual tools and supports more than 30 communication protocols. Through its graphical interface and process-based operations, it offers enhanced application flexibility. With its high computing power and robust flexibility, the SC6000 is capable of handling a diverse range of tasks, from simple presence and absence detection to complex defect identification, making it highly adaptable to various scenarios.

SC6000 Series AI Smart Camera

SC6000 Series AI smart camera enhances your vision system with it's strong variety of functions and high resolution. 

Be inspired! Take a look a the Machine Vision introduction video from Hikrobot. 

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SC6000 Smart Camera Product Models

Product Model Resolution Max. frame rate Mono/Color Certification
MV-SC6016M-00C-NNN 1408 × 1204 60 fps Mono CE, KC
MV-SC6016C-00C-NNN 1408 × 1204 60 fps Color CE, KC
MV-SC6250M-00C-NNN 5120 × 5120 15 fps Mono CE, KC
MV-SC6050M-00C-NNN 2560 × 2048 40 fps Mono CE, KC
MV-SC6050C-00C-NNN 2560 × 2048 40 fps Color CE, KC

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