Food Certified Cobots 

NSF/Ansi 169 – Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices

Take a look at the new food certified Cobots from the ROKAE 
CR-C Series. The Rokae Cobots are so tighty manufactured that the axis have no crevices, and the cobot emits almost no particles which is perfect for the food industry. 

The Cobots can be optionally bought with H1 Food Grade Grease which creates many options for applications in direct or indirect contact with produce, meat or other food.

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Rokae SR-C Series

Food Certified Cobots

Food Certified Collaborative robots are coming to the market. It is revolutioninizing the food and beverage industry by not only taking over repetitive and manual tasks, but change the way we handle food.

Some cobots have protection ratings that enable them to work within food production, but not directly with food.  

However, Rokae Cobots are now certified to work directly with food in collaboration with an employee. Many applications which would contaminate or pollute the food are now possible thanks to the low level of particles the Rokae Cobots emit in use. 

What is the NSF International Standard?

NSF International is an independent, internationally recognized organization, who plays a pivotal role in the development of robust public health standards. The use of the NSF certification marks demonstrates that the applicable product or operation meets the stringent standard requirements by NSF. This dedication to ongoing quality assurance sets NSF-certified products and operations apart. The NSF certification mark represents that the product or operation has been certified by one of the most esteemed independent certification organizations. It is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and regulatory agencies worldwide.

Renowned Worldwide

The NSF high standards are respected internationally

High Safety

NSF certified products rank exceptionally in safety within their area.

Optimal Hygiene

The certification marks the high hygiene quality of the product for the tested purpose.

Rokae CR-C Series

Cobots and Food Safety

90% of food and beverage businesses now rely on some form of robotics to maintain their production lines.

Cobots are more affordable and compact than industrial robots, and the price/quality ratio is only getting better, getting more for your money.

With cobots, applications such as bin picking, food control and quality, as well as collaboration tasks with employees become a viable solution. Your food quality and safety is strenghened by food certified automation. 

Let the robot detect defects on fruit, baked goods or meat and, with an appriopriate gripper, remove the defect product. 

No Particle Retention

A clean design with no food particle retention areas to resist bacteria growth and rust.

Increased System Uptime

Increase your uptime with a fast, constant and reliable speed.

Hollow Arm

Hollow arm to avoid air line and electric cable exposure.

Delicate Touch

With the force torque sensor in the robot joints, your food items stay in pristine shape during operations.

Food Grade Cobot Applications

By incorporating collaborative robots into different stages of the food production and distribution process, businesses can boost efficiency, enhance product quality, ensure safety, and lower operational expenses. 

Common applications involve:

  • Packaging and Palletizing
  • Quality Control and inspection
  • Sorting and Grading
  • Food handling and processing
  • Food preparation
  • Sanitation and Cleaning
  • Logistics and Supply Chain

Rokae CR-C Series

Check out the 6-axis cobot 

Collaborative robots with 6-axis are great for general purpose applications in collaboration with or close proximity to employees. Common applications involve picking, sorting and general assembly. 

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Check out the 5-axis cobot

Palletizing is the perfect application for the 5-axis collaborative robots from Rokae. Not only makes the 1-less axis the robot way cheaper, but it enhances the productivity in palletizing situations with its simpler movements and easier programming.

Want to check it out? See for yourself below!


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