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The First Nachi Industry robots very developed in the 1960s

Who is Nachi?

With the development of its first industrial robots in the 1960s, NACHI demonstrated its high innovative capabilities in automation. Since then, NACHI has continuously expanded its range of industrial robots.

Today, NACHI provides tailored automation solutions with robots for all application areas. Whether it's pick & place tasks, machine tools, spray robots, spot and arc welding in the automotive and steel construction industries, picking, packing, and palletizing all kinds of components, or positioning and assembling small components in electronics manufacturing.

Lightweight MZ Series | Fast and Precise

Automation with NACHI robots.

NACHI offers a wide range of industrial robots, including series with 6-axis and SCARA-type robots, for automating machine tools and production lines with electrical equipment and in the electronics industry. To achieve the highest productivity, NACHI aims to increase the operational speed of its robots. NACHI's industrial robots are renowned worldwide for having the fastest robots in the compact class with payloads of up to 25kg.

In applications involving machine tools, NACHI's robots, with their compact and sleek design, demonstrate the ability to avoid external interference. Additionally, the robots are protected against liquids, dust, debris, and the robot body is resistant to oil and cooling lubricants.

Manufacturers of electronic devices benefit from the minimal footprint and vertical concept in NACHI's new SCARA-type robots on their assembly lines and pick & place applications.

Through its innovative design, the axes are slim from the first axis to the robot grippers. As a result, the robots find it very easy to reach, move, and assemble small components at closely spaced position points. Through the robot's special kinematics, the axes can reach significantly larger work areas.

Check out the Heavy Duty Robots!

Nachi MZ07F


Nachi robots can be applied in any industry, ranging from pharmaceuticals and food to the automotive and electronics industries. More and more companies in Denmark are benefiting from our MZ series. With the multitude of applications possible with MZ04D, we know that we can support Danish production with high-tech and intuitive automation.

 – Industry 4.0 is on the horizon, and we must move with it.  


Nachi at Automatica - The Future is Here Now!
The MZ series is more than just an industrial robot. With an MZ04D, you reach new heights of productivity. Nachi illustrates above a range of different applications that our MZ series can handle. Take a look.


Applications with Nachi
Nachi can be a part of all your automation solutions. Material handling, CNC, screwing, palletizing, grinding, polishing, pick & place, and many, many more. There's plenty of inspiration to be found. Brew a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy the video


Tablet Assembly
The robots of the MZ series are perfect for Assembly, which is a frequent and well-known application in Danish production. With vision sensor cameras, Nachi robots can also independently locate and move workpieces.


Create your own small applications with the MZ04D.

Traditional Industrial Robots 

Traditional industrial robots require different safety solutions than collaborative robots. Requirements for safety fences or light curtains make it more challenging to use in education, where students need to be careful during teaching. The purposes of industrial robots are often more specific, whereas collaborative robots are more flexible in their daily use. 

✔  Good Operational Safety

✔  Solutions with high precision and speed

✔  Can be mounted in all directions, ceiling, floor, and wall.

✔  The MZ series is lightweight and compact for space-saving.

✔  Internal cable routing for enhanced maintenance.

✔  Much shorter cycle times."

Text Programming

Through simple graphical innovation, Nachi's user interface FD on Desk / Teach Pendant is traditional and straightforward.

High Speeds

Speed is at the forefront when it comes to the MZ series. In fact, the MZ series can boast of being Best-in-speed when it comes to 6-axis industrial robots.

An Ocean of applications

In collaboration with our Vision and Sensor, we can complement many different types of applications. Let the inspiration begin!

The MD04D Nachi Industrial Robot

An Intuitive beginning with the Nachi MZ-Serien

Automation should be simple, user-friendly, and intuitive. Programming with robots should be fun, and the development of applications should be straightforward and demonstrably simple.

That's what we've achieved with the Nachi MZ series. The MZ series is designed for a multitude of applications for both learning and production. The MZ series automates repetitive, monotonous tasks (EGA), allowing your employees to focus on value-added tasks. The pace of task completion is accelerated

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Nachi Robot Katalog

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