Visor Code Reader

The VISOR® Code Reader can easily read various type of barcodes, and printed and directly marked datamatriz codes in accordance with the EEC 200 Standard, regardless of the type of carrier materials (metal, plastic, paper, glass). 

The sensor can even decode skewed and distorted codes, or codes on convex, reflective or transparent surfaces.

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Visor Code Reader

Inbuilt Alert System VISOR® 

Code Reader evaluates the quality of your printed and directly marked Datamatrix codes based on standardized quality parameters in accordance with ISO and AIM.

Visor Vision Sensor from Sensopart

The Detector's Characteristics Depend on The Application

Reliable reading of printed codes and package labels.

Reading of printed codes and directly marked codes on all backgrounds.

The complete package, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR​)

Visor Code Reader fra Sensopart til stregkodelæsning af printede og direkte mærket datamatrixkoder, emnedetektion samt kvalitetsevaluering af parametre.


Visor® Code Reader Technical Highlights

  • Reliable barcode reading on both printed and directly marked surfaces. Datamatrix codes, even on multiple codes simultaneously and mixed 1D/2D codes.

  • Supplementary object detection for characteristics other than barcodes.

  • Quality evaluation of parameters according to ISO/IEC 15415 and AIM DPM 2006.

Visor Code Reader scanning

VISOR® Vision Sensor Setup - step by step

Learn how to install the VISOR® hardware, download and install pc software for VISOR®. Including a quick walkthrough the VISOR® pc software


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