SC2000 Series

Manual Smart Camera

The SC2000E vision sensor combines all the essential functions of a vision system in a compact package, including lighting, image capture, processing, and communication. It opens up exciting possibilities for Y/N and P/N verifications, offering top-notch performance in error-proofing detection scenarios with ease.

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Error-proofing Detection Algorithm

Inspection solutions like presence/absence, up/down, positioning, and counting are commonly utilized for error-proof inspection. Additional visual inspection tools can offer the optimal resolution for components of varying geometries on the production line, simplifying the visual application process.

SC2000 Error-proofing Detection Algorithm

SC2000 Light Sources & Accessories

Red, blue, white sources provide better imaging for products of different colors.

Visible light polarization mirror to filter glare interference.

SV/VT series display products provide visual real-time detection interface and statistics.

The camera is equipped with 0.6m cable, more convenient to use on site.

SC2000 Series Smart Camera Light Sources and Accessories
SC2000 Series SCMVS software with user-friendly interface.

Easy-to-use Software

The SCMVS software tailored for SC2000E debugging comes with a user-friendly interface and handy vision tools, making it easier for engineers to use. It allows for quick selection of the right tools through a visually appealing display, simplifying the deployment of real-time applications on site.

SC2000 Series AI Smart Camera

SC2000 Series AI smart camera enhances the small vision application with it's essential functions in a compact package. Great for the common application. 

Be inspired! Take a look a the Machine Vision introduction video from Hikrobot. 

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SC2000 Smart Camera Product Models

Product Model Resolution Max. frame rate Focal Length Certification
MV-SC2004EM-06S-WBN-Mini 704 × 540 60 fps 6.72 mm (0.3") CE, KC
MV-SC2004EM-08S-WBN 704 × 540 60 fps 8 mm (0.3") CE, KC
MV-SC2004EM-12S-WBN 704 × 540 60 fps 12.4 mm (0.5") CE, KC
MV-SC2004EC-08S-WBN 704 × 540 60 fps 8 mm (0.3") CE, KC
MV-SC2004EC-12S-WBN 704 × 540 60 fps 12.4 mm (0.5") CE, KC
MV-SC2016EM-08S-WBN 1408 × 1024 60 fps 8 mm (0.3") CE, KC
MV-SC2016EC-08S-WBN 1408 × 1024 60 fps 8 mm (0.3") CE, FCC, KC
MV-SC2016EC-12S-WBN 1408 × 1024 60 fps 12.4 mm (0.5") CE, FCC, KC
MV-SC2016EM-06S-WBN-Mini 1408 × 1024 60 fps 6 mm (0.2") CE, KC
MV-SC2016EC-15S-WBN 1408 × 1024 60 fps 14.8 mm (0.6") CE, FCC, KC

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