Visor Object

VISOR® Object always maintains its overview. It detects defective parts, parts placed incorrectly, incorrect orientation, wrong sequence, or a combination of them all—in just a split second. Its extensive calibration features range from simple factor scaling to image and lens distortion correction with just a click of the mouse. With its high and precise detection of position and orientation, As such, Sensopart VISOR® is one of the best on the market.

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Visor Object

At times, objects may appear in unexpected positions and have complex shapes and details. Classic sensors for object presence would be completely overwhelmed by this type of detection task.

Various detectors are available for inspection tasks and evaluations: pattern matching, contour detection, caliper, BLOB, brightness, grayscale, and contrast detection. Position tracking offers reliable detection of features that do not consistently appear in the originally learned position.

All evaluations are done relative to the current part's position and orientation, without requiring them to be defined for every possible position for each individual feature. 

Visor Vision Sensor Series

The detector's characteristics depend on the application.

Detectors for simple presence detection, measuring tasks, and color identification.

Supplementary comprehensive preprocessing filters and improved position tracking for position control and completeness. Optional result calculations and complete tool palettes for your color application.

Sensopart Visor Object


Sensopart Visor

Visor® Object Technical Highlights

  • Easy calibration for measuring tasks. Converts to mm and corrects distortion and perspective. 

  • Precise determination of position: x/y-position and orientation.

  • Detection of presence and completeness, position and quality control, as well as simple measurement.

VISOR® Vision Sensor Setup - step by step

Learn how to install the VISOR® hardware, download and install pc software for VISOR®. Including a quick walkthrough the VISOR® pc software


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