BlueLight Technology

With their flexibility, robustness and process reliability, blue light sensors offer many advantages - they are not just problem solvers but real all-rounders and can therefore easily be used as new standard sensors.

The BlueLight sensor provides a cool, all-in-one sensor solution for applications in a variety of market sectors, including the automotive industry, plastics, packaging, and pharmaceutical products.

They are simple and cost-effective, meeting all your application needs without additional costs or installation time, for comprehensive object detection without limitations


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See what others can't with FT-25

Detection of deep black, glossy, curved, inclined, shiny, and transparent parts poses a real challenge for a range of industries.

These challenges often result in many - potentially very expensive - issues going unnoticed until it's too late.

With BlueLight FT 25, you can detect even the most glossy and reflective surfaces. With Sensopart BlueLight, you can anticipate the challenges.

FT 25 Bluelight Sensor for omfattende detektion af objekter. Perfekt til applikationer med mørke, reflekterende, skinnende emner. Sensopart Bluelight vision.
FT 55 Bluelight Sensor til gennemsigtige objekter. Gør detektion af flasker, glas og mere med Sensopart Bluelight Sensor.

The Light at the end of the Tunnel

Conventional solutions for detecting challenging parts typically require investment in additional photoelectric or ultrasonic sensors.

Optical BlueLight sensors offer a strong and cost-effective alternative, providing much greater process stability than conventional red light proximity sensors in many critical applications.

BlueLight sensors, specifically developed by SensoPart to recognize difficult-to-detect objects, are true all-rounders. BlueLight delivers the detection efficiency and process stability that your critical application demands.

Does your production involve transparent objects like bottles and glass? Meet FT 55.

BlueLight is for any production

These robust and reliable sensors are ideal for use in the automotive, plastics, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries. BlueLight provides an instant response, regardless of the shape, color, or structure of the object to be detected.

Even when faced with multiple challenges - such as black objects with a high-gloss surface and a wide detection angle - BlueLight sensors offer a quick return on investment in just a few seconds compared to the significant costs of downtime.

When fast, accurate, and comprehensive object detection is your goal, there's really no reason to dwell in the dark.

Remove the challenge with FT 10, perfect for production in black.

Bluelight - Your Light

Bluelight Product models

Product Model* Adjustment Operating Range Hysteresis
FT 10-BF2 Fixed focus 2 … 30 mm < 0,5 %
FT 10-BF3 Fixed focus 2 … 50 mm < 0,5 %
FT 10-BH Adjustable, IO-Link 3 … 100 mm < 1,2 %
FT 10-BHD Adjustable, IO-Link 3 … 150 mm < 2,4 %
FT 25-BF2 Fixed focus 0 … 80 mm < 1 %
FT 25-BH Adjustable, IO-Link 0 … 200 mm < 2 %
FT 50 BH Adjustable (Potentiometer) 2 … 300 mm < 1 %
FT 55-BH Adjustable (Potentiometer) 3 … 1200mm < 10 %

*Model varieties can be viewed in the shop category "Bluelight Sensor" within the "Sensors > Optical Sensors" Category. Follow product model link for the standard model of each FT Sensor.

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