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Standardized Welding Solutions

Medium-sized companies have to face the issues of the shortage of skilled workers.

With the various standard solutions EASY ARC, COMPACT SERIES and CUBE SOLUTIONS, OTC DAIHEN provides three innovative answers to today's challenges - from workshop operations to industrial companies.

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Overview of CE certified standard OTC robot cells 

Easy Arc

Compact Series

Cube Solutions

Easy Arc Welding standardized systems. 2 models.

Compact Series System. Welding System in 3 models

Cube Solutions from OTC-Daihen. Scalable Industrial solution to mass production

Welding automation entry solution

Production focus:

  • Small batch production
  • Flexible configuration

Bullet points:

  • Simple basic
  • Mobile
  • Small footprint

Smallest industrial solution

Production focus:

  • Small part mass production
  • Flexible process automation

Bullet points:

  • Industrial compact design
  • Small footprint

Full scalable industrial solution

Production focus:

  • Mass production for small and big parts
  • Flexible configuration also for multi robots

Bullet points:

  • Multi stations systems
  • Optimized for productions speed
  • Open PLC configuration

The Modular Solution for shop floors


Easy Arc is perfect for the medium-sized company solving the shortage of skilled workers to recruit. Automate your small batch production to keep up with demand, or repetitive tasks your skilled welders otherwise waste time having to handle. Easy Arc proves an innovate answer to today's challenges - from workshop operations to industrial companies.

 2,2m x 1,2m 
Two basic versions: MIG/MAG und TIG 
Options: Welding equipment, fume extraction, positioner, sensoric, JoyPen and Offline Programming

Easy Arc

Compact Arc

The new compact cell for the industrial standard


With the COMPACT SERIES we offer a system solution for automation tasks such as bending, drilling, grinding, welding, gluing or assembly. With COMPACT ARC, we have launched the small cell for automated welding as the first product of the COMPACT SERIES.

: 2,2m x 1,1m
Three variants: Model Basic, model Advanced, model Professional
Options: Welding equipment, JoyPen and Offline Programming.

The solution for mass production on industrial standard


Our CUBEs are the high-end solution of the standard systems and are available in five different variants. They enable highly effective welding production in cycle mode. The robot stations have been designed to be enormously space-saving and are supplied ready for operation.

: 2,2m x 4m

Options: Offline Programming and digital twin

Cube Solutions

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