Clean Room Cobot

Many production environments require a minimal of particle pollution, such as in the food and pharma industry. With the CMZ cobot from Nachi, you get the optimal solution for your production line with ISO Class 5 and IP67.

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Collaborative Rated

The CMZ complies with various certifications to ensure safety as a collaborative robot (ISO13849-1, ISO10218-1, ISO/TS15066).

Shape design and software functions that minimize the risk of getting caught.

Nachi Clean Room Cobot CMZ05

High Speed & High Precision Cobot

Achieve top-class high-speed and high-accuracy with the same mechanism as the MZF series. 1000 mm/s in collaboration, and up to 2500 mm/s when not collaborating.

High-speed with minimal particle pollution with ISO Class 5 makes the CMZ a groundbreaking choice for the food and pharma industry.

Nachi Clean Room Cobot CMZ05 image 2

Supports Various Industries

The Nachi Cobot series supports various industries with the CMZ protection grade at IP67.

The risk of contact with the workpiece is reduced by the hollow wrist and the wiring and piping inside the arm. Abundant applications for various industries.

Nachi Cobot CZ10

Product Models

Product Model Max. Reach (mm) Payload (kg) Number of axis Repeatability (mm) Protection Rating Body / Upper Arm Noise Level Clean Rating Hollow Wrist / Arm Mounting Weight (kg)
CMZ05-01 927mm 5 6 ±0.020mm IP67 / IP67 < 75.0dB ISO CLASS 5 Yes Floor (Inclined +/- 30°)
CZ10-01 1300mm 10 6 ±0.1mm IP54 / IP54*1 N/A ISO 10218-01
TS 15066
Yes Floor / Inverted 61kg

*1: Limit use in application where liquids, such as, organic compound, acidity, alkalinity, chlorine, gasoline and/or cutting fluids are used. These could deteriorate seal material. Wire harness is IP54 equivalent, controller is IP20 equivalent.

Collaborative with the CMZ Cobot


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