Sensors from Sensopart 

Sensopart optical sensors. Optiske sensorer fra Sensopart til afstandsmåling, farvemåling og fotoelektrisk måling.

Optical Sensors

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Sensopart Bluelight Sensor til detektering af gennemsigtige, reflekterende og mørke overflader.

Bluelight Sensors

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Ultrasonic Sensors

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Inductive Sensors

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Limitless possibilities with Sensopart Sensor

​With the Sensopart sensor, you get unique opportunities to spot manufacturing defects, color differences and measure distances, metal parts and much more. Your company achieves high-tech production where no material is wasted, product recalls are avoided, and you stand strong on the market as a solid, reliable partner and supplier.

Sensopart Vision Sensor

The Sensopart Vision sensor gives your robots and applications a vision capability that requires no difficult programming. Perfect for material handling, sorting or dividing item categories, and for versatile machine tending with CNC machines. Want to see if the Sensopart Vision Sensor can help your production? Read more here or contact us for a personal review.

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