Camera Link AOC Fiber Cable. Description: Camera Link AOC fiber cable, SDR to SDR, 10m, moveable, Full cable

Selection attention: 1. Base mode is only equipped with Base cable (CL1 interface);
2. Medium/Full mode must be used with Base cable + Full cable (CL1+CL2 interface);
Use restrictions:
1. does not support 80-bit mode;
2. 8k/16k line scan camera do not support frame-scan mode;
3. the current version of the cable does not support hot plugging(the plugging and unplugging of the cable requires a restart of the computer to take effect, and subsequent versions will evaluate and fix it)
4. the usb power port must be connected for cable power supply drive(usb3.0/5~12VDC/600mA or more).

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