Nachi LP180 4-axis palletizing robot for fast-speed, precision palletizing. With a payload up to 180 kg, and a 3210 mm reach, the robot can lift pallets and boxes in a wide cover with over a 1000 packages per hour.

Robot included with:
Robot Monitoring Unit (RMU)
Communication Protocol Standard: ProfiNet (Alternative: EtherNet/IP)
Build in Valves: 4
I/O board 32/32: Inc.

Controller type:
FD20 controller

Technical Description:
Payload: 180 kg
Reach: 3210 mm
Protection Rating: IP67
Repeatability: IP54
Wire Harness : 10 (m) 
TP cable: 8 (m)
CN10 Cable: 10 (m)
Application Cable : inc.
Zeroing Jig inc.  
Brake : inc.
Release Kit: inc.  
Fieldbus: ProfiNet or EtherNet/IP: note in the ordre line.

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