The Nachi SRA210 6-axis industrial robot with a payload of 210 kg and a reach of 2674 mm leads the industry in medium to heavy duty applications. Robot motion makes minimum cycle times unbeatable. Light weight and high rigidity design results in high acceleration and minimum vibration. Maximum speed on all axes reduces move time. All this provides dramatically improved productivity.

Robot Included With:

Robot Monitoring Unit (RMU)
Communication Protocol Standard: ProfiNet (Alternative: EtherNet/IP) 
Build in Valves: 4 (pcs)
I/O board 32/32: Inc

Controller Type:
FD20 controller

Technical Description: 
Payload: 210 kg
Reach J1-J5: 2674
Repeatability: 0.15 mm
Protection Rating Arm / Body: IP67 / IP54
Wire Harness : 10 (m)
TP cable: 8 (m)
CN10 Cable: 10 (m)
Application Cable : inc.
Zeroing Jig inc.
Brake : inc.
Release Kit: inc.
Fieldbus: ProfiNet or EtherNet/IP: note in the ordre line.

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