CR-C Series | 5-Axis
Rokae Palletizing Cobots

Take a look at the new revolutionary 5-axis collaborative robots from the Rokae CR-C Series. The controller in the base of the CR series is moved out of the body to form an independent control cabinet with IP54 protection level, which reduces the installation size of the base and improves the protection level of the body to IP67, which can adapt to more stringent application scenarios.

The independent control cabinet provides richer IO resources and more flexible extensibility. Its built-in independent safety controller, TUV certified, functional safety meets ISO 13849-1:2015 standard, up to PL d/Cat. 3 level.

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Full Empowerment and Integration

The reliable partner to equipment manufactuerers and integrators that accommodates extensive industry plug-ins and secondary development. Sound ecosystem that fully empowers industry applications. Force control process kit, pallet process kit, and laser welding process kit.

We are making it easy to you to integrate your solution for your needs with Rokae Collaborative robots.

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