Machine Vision from Hikrobot

Line Scan Camera 

The Hikrobot Camera series collection enables a very broad application range for your specific use. Excellent image sensor and quality, compatible with machine vision standard protocols, and seamlessly connect with third party software. Check out the strong CL Series Line Scan Camera.

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Diversified processing, flexible Acquisition

The CL camera supports various ISP functions: Flat field correction, Gamma, LUT, white balance, CCM, SC, etc. to help users obtain higher quality image data; 

Despite timed exposure, a new acquisition method of trigger-width controlled exposure is added, and with external (soft/hard) trigger signals, it can flexibly adapt to external lighting conditions and exposure control needs.

Hikrobot Diversified processing and flexible acquisition

High-Bandwidth Mode, high line frequency transmission

The High-Bandwidth Mode is equipped in the new GigE CL line scan camera. Breaking through the physical bandwidth of the gigabit network, the line frequency can been improved by 1.5-2 times, which provide users with a more cost-effective solution.

Hikrobot CR-Series High-Bandwidth Mode, high line frequency transmission

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