Sensopart Distance Sensors til præsice målinger af afstande.

Distance Sensors

Close Range Triangulation​

The measurement principle of optical triangulation is suitable for the precise determination of distances at close range. With the help of special receiver optics and a position-sensitive detector (e.g. a photodiode line), the sensor can determine the object distance regardless of its reflectivity (see illustration below). The color and surface properties (e.g. highly reflective) thus have practically no effect on measurement accuracy.

Time-of-flight for long distances

SensoPart uses time-of-flight technology to measure longer distances (up to 70 m). The sensor emits pulsed laser light that is reflected by the target object. The distance to the object is determined by the time taken between emission and reception of the light. The use of pulsed light provides reliable background suppression and very high immunity to ambient light.

Photoelectric and Diffuse Sensors

Photoelectric sensors and diffuse sensors are the standard sensors in automation technology. At ZTEC you will find the right sensor for almost every conceivable application by Sensopart. 

Our product portfolio offers a comprehensive selection of differing sizes, ranges and switching variants. Regardless of whether you choose a sub-miniature sensor for restricted machine conditions or a large housing with a particularly long range or scanning distance – all our sensors share excellent performance data, high reliability and solid workmanship “made in Germany".

Sensopart Photoelectric and Diffuse Sensors for automation

Color and Contrast Sensors

The attachment of color marks that are then evaluated with a color or contrast sensor is a proven method for identifying objects in industrial production. Even objects with differing shapes and surface properties can be very reliably detected in this way.

Color sensors are invaluable for packaging sorting or label verification tasks. They excel at detecting colors and color differences on packaging and film materials.

Contrast sensors are adept at identifying pressure marks, even with subtle variations in grayscale, within the printing and packaging industries.

Furthermore, SensoPart offers luminescence-sensitive sensors capable of reading labels on glass bottles and detecting invisible pressure marks for object alignment.

Sensopart Color and Contrast Sensors for industry automation

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