Peripheral Accessories

Suit up your sensor with the right peripherals! Electrical accessories, interfaces, software and switching devices. Find what you need in the product list below.

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Peripheral Accessories for Sensopart Sensors

Peripheral Models

Illustration Description Category
C L12FG-DC5.5G-0.2m Adapter cable Electrical accessories
CB L12FS/L8MS-0,15m-GG-PUR Power and I/O adapter cable, M12, 8-pin <-> M12, 12-pin Software and Interfaces
CI L8MGK/L4MGK-S-0,2m-PVC Ethernet adapter cable, M12, 8-pin <-> M12, 4-pin Software and Interfaces
CUSB-RS485-0,7m Interface converter incl. CD-ROM, cable 0.7 m, USB <-> RS485 Software and Interfaces
CUSB-RS485-SET For PC connection of sensors with RS 485 interface. Parametrisation of F50/80 sensors via software "ProgSensor" Software and Interfaces
LA 45 V-24-2L12 V10 / V20 connection adapter for LED illumination with 5-pin M12 plug Electrical accessories
LA 45 VT-24-2L12 With trigger line Electrical accessories
PA L4M4-TI Teach-in unit for programming of SmartPlugs and sensors with Teach input Software and Interfaces
PV-AW10IoT10.4TX Panel PC 10.4“, Win10 IoT, XGA, Touch, front panel mount Electrical accessories
PV-AW10IoT10.4TX-V Panel PC 10.4“, Win10 IoT, XGA, VESA mount Electrical accessories
PWS 24VDC10AR Power supply, switched, 24VDC, 10A, railmount Electrical accessories
PWS 24VDC5AR Power supply, switched, 24VDC, 5A, railmount Electrical accessories
SensoIO Service tool for parameterization of sensors with IO-Link Software and Interfaces
SensoTune Software tool for parametrization of sensors and for visualization of process data over time Software and Interfaces
ST M12-12 Power supply unit for VISOR®, M12 connector, 12-pin, Europlug Electrical accessories
ST M12-12-M Connection of power supply voltage via Multiplug Electrical accessories
ST V10 Demo and test box for all VISOR® vision sensors Electrical accessories
ST-06 Sensor tester with rechargeable battery for PNP and NPN sensors, 24 V, 100 mA Software and interfaces

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