Mech-DLK Pro Version

Mech-DLK Deep Learning Software
Mech-DLK is a versatile deep learning software solving complex machine vision tasks. It enables users to rapidly train models and easily solve demanding vision applications, including overlapping object recognition and classification, complex defect detection, etc.

Easy to Use
The intuitive graphical user interface is versatile and easy-to-use. No professional background is required to deploy various deep learning applications.

Powerful AI Algorithms
A range of robust AI algorithms, including fast positioning, instance segmentation, classification, object detection, defect segmentation, and anomaly detection, allows users to train models and solve the most demanding applications rapidly.

Innovative Toolset
Leveraging a suite of innovative toolsets, Mech-DLK simplifies image labeling and significantly reduces labeling time.

Easy Integration
Provides SDKs in various programming languages (C, C++, C# and Python) for easy integration.

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