Mech-MSR 3D Measurement and Inspection Software

Mech-MSR 3D Measurement and Inspection Software
Mech-MSR is an all-new AI software designed for 3D measurement and inspection applications. Running on Mech-Eye LNX 3D laser profilers, Mech-MSR can quickly create end-to-end inspection solutions and offer an excellent user experience like never before.

Easy-to-use GUI design
Graphical and easy-to-navigate UI design allows you to create measurement solutions intuitively.

No expertise required
Build and deploy measurement tasks fast and easily with our streamlined configuration tools, accessible to users of all levels of 3D vision.

End-to-end deployment
Experience effortless deployment using Mech-MSR, encompassing scanning, alignment, measurement, result evaluation, and factory communication

Out-of-the-box performance:
Leverage a suite of algorithms
Utilize our built-in algorithms for efficient 3D measurement applications, including dimensional measurement, defect detection, object counting, height & flatness measurement, etc.

Easy sensor setup
Easily connect to and run on the Mech-Eye LNX 3D laser profilers for easy setup and real-time data collection.

Multi-dimensional (2D/3D) measurement capabilities
Perform measurements on 3D (surfaces & profiles) and 2D (intensity) data for accurate inspection.

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