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IXON is a lightweight and complete all-in-one remote service and IIoT solution for your production requiring a smooth integration between cloud, edge connection, and machinery (e.g., PLC, HMI, robots, sensors).

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Developing is fun, but how will you maintain your IIoT solution? 
Choose SaaS, and continuity and security are guaranteed.

Improved machine performance
Optimize machine production and reduce unnecessary downtime with better insights and quicker access.


Scalable from remote access to data analysis and predictive maintenance. Configure IXON Cloud entirely according to your needs!"


IXON Cloud: IIoT platform for machine builders

Feeling overwhelmed by the IIoT landscape?

IXON Cloud simplifies it with a flexible, standard IIoT solution from Edge to Cloud. Start improving machine uptime and implementing digital services today.

Store your data up in the cloud and retrieve it when you need it. Anytime, anywhere. With your own encrypted VPN connection between your IXrouter and IXON Cloud, you can securely store your data.

If the connection between IXrouter and IXON Cloud were to disappear due to internet failure, there's nothing to worry about. Your IXrouter can locally store up to 8GB of data, which it sends to the cloud as soon as the connection is reestablished.


Ixon Cloud og VPN giver dig status på dine maskiner. Effiency er ved 60% ved Packaging Machine.

The machine helps you make the right decision

Get instant insight into the status of all your machines. React faster to machines that need attention and take immediate action.

Easily configure which data to log with IXON Cloud. Determine your variables, how often they should be retrieved, and how they should be calculated. Data is stored and deleted according to your preferences!

You can always access your data and analyze the efficiency of your production machines. With IXON Cloud's user-friendly interface, you can easily visualize your data in real-time, enabling you to create optimal solutions for your production

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Preventive Maintenance

Detailed reports and alerts about machine downtime help you detect issues and their root causes quickly, enabling you to react, reduce, and even prevent downtime.

IXON Data Logging monitors the wear condition of your machine's consumable parts 24/7, ensuring you always have full visibility

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Happier Customers

Generate recurring revenue and increase customer satisfaction by leveraging new business models, such as condition monitoring and performance analysis of specific parts.


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