Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera

High precision & detail-rich 3D imaging for a broad range of objects. 

Our model options can satisfy diverse practical needs (ambient light resistance, high precision, high scanning speed, small size, etc.).

Typical Point Clouds

Other Point Clouds

Aluminum Alloy Shell Design

The camera adopts aluminum alloy shell design, with firm structure, high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The camera housing is electrically insulated and can operate long in a real industrial environment.

Dust and Water Proof

The camera is dust and water proof with IP65 Enclosures Standards. It can operate long in harsh environments.

Plug & Play Easy Setup

The camera is plug-and-play and easy to install. It supports multiple installation ways (Eye to Hand, Eye in Hand). Mech-Eye Viewer software can help configure the best imaging parameters.

Precision Options Meet Various Distance Requirements

Multiple camera models are provided to support short, middle and long distance scanning with high precision and high speed.

Stable and Reliable Scanning Performance

The camera has passed the endurance test of 10000 hours in labs. It is stable and reliable.

Multiple Camera Models for Various Situations

A variety of camera models can meet the diverse practical needs such as ambient light resistance, high precision, high speed, and small size.