Sensopart vision and sensor

Digitization has gained more and more focus in the last decade, becoming a fundamental pillar in the production development in industries such as steel and metal, medicine, and food production. A modern production simply cannot develop products faster in smaller batches, safer and with greater quality than before, without having to integrate robust robots with crystal-clear vision and sensors for ultra-precise production.

Sensopart vision and sensor is one of the leading players on the market with high-tech sensors that can be easily installed and integrated into your production. For a future-oriented company, Sensopart is right for you. See how Sensopart can help you below.

Vision Sensor 

Hardware + Software = VISOR®


With our portfolio of vision solutions, we can support a wide spectrum of industrial image processing. High-performance smart camera mounted in a compact and lightweight shell forms the foundation for our VISOR® vision sensors. They contain innovative solutions, such as laser measurement for simple, mechanical adjustment or motorized focus for automatic adjustment to your individual operating distance.

Our hardware is optimally strengthened by our VISOR® software, which supports the setup of applications in a few simple steps and the adjustment of process parameters. With this incredible software, the process can be continuously monitored.

Sensopart vision sensors are made to be extremely flexible – VISOR® comes with various resolutions up to 5 megapixels and three different fields of view (from narrow to wide). One of the variants for special applications even allows the installation of an external lens.

All VISOR® sensors are equipped with a universal user plate for installation on your machine, which is supported by standardized transfer protocols (PROFINET, Ethernet/IP).

Sensopart offers VISOR® together with packages of integrated detectors and functions that are user-specific for your application:

Standard: For solving simple image processing tasks
An extended breadth of functionality for more challenging applications.
The complete detector package adapted to even very complex tasks

VISOR® Vision Sensor

In Perfect Harmony: A combination of sophisticated hardware and software that is easily configured.

Connection: Comprehensive protocols (e.g. PROFINET, Ethernet/IP) for smooth integration into production.

​Flexibility: One of the most extensive vision sensor families on the market, offering solutions for your specific applications.

Scalability: Choose your VISOR® that suits your conditions.

 See what you gain with SensoPart

Sensopart Vision Sensor Visor to industrial production

Optical sensorics

Sensopart Vision Sensor

Optical Sensor

SensoPart optical sensors for distance measurement, color and contrast measurement as well as detection of small parts. Detection on self-reflective surfaces, regardless of the nature of the surface.

Can be used to find color defects, sort material and packaging and measure precise distances in your production.

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