Mech-Viz Robot Programming Software
Equipped with a visualized and code-free programming interface, Mech-Viz can realize one-click simulation of robot path. Built in multiple intelligent algorithms (path planning, collision detection and picking strategy, etc.) guarantee an excellent performance. Mech-Viz enables robots to manage demanding automation tasks, including bin picking, piece picking, depalletizing and palletizing, and more.

Unified programming mode
A completely unified construction form of flow chart is adopted for Mech-Viz software programming, and there is no need for users to learn the language logic of robots of different brands.

Code-free programming
A construction form of flow chart is adopted for programming in Mech-Viz software, therefore code programming experience is not required for users, and robot routines can be realized only by 'adding function module - configuring module parameters - connecting module wires'.

One-button 3D simulation
The software supports one-button motion simulation, and displays the motion trajectory of robot in the form of animation.

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